IMG_2224I am asked quite often why I grow a great diversity of plants on the verge of my home.  I have planted ornamental and fruit trees, herbs and vegetables to flowering shrubs.  The reason is quite simple, to me anyway, I want to give homes to the wildlife, bugs and insects and provide food for my family and neighbours as well as the birds, animals and insects.  This is biodiversity on a small scale but the results are amazing.

I do not have a plan but if that plant survives it was meanIMG_2223t to be there.  At present my verge grows Pumpkins and Chillies, Basil and Lemongrass, many types of Ginger, Turmeric and Gal-gal, Dragon fruit, Nasturtiums, Pigeon Peas, Paw Paws and Oregano, just to name a few of the edibles.  As far as trees go I have Jacaranda, Poinciana, Hibiscus, Pandana, Buddha Bamboo, and lamandra. There are other little shrubs that are native and endemic to the far North Coast NSW, Australia but I am not sure of all their names.

I would love to see this happen everywhere, what a rich planet we would have.

By Jeff Harper

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