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Percolator small, glass cone with a stand included.

This percolator is smaller and a more affordable percolator that comes with a stand. I have developed this out of a need for a percolator that can take small amounts of dried herb and my very clever husband, Jeff, set about making it.  The percolator holds 1.4L of herb and liquid so you can expect to be able to pack 250g of powdered herb or 150g of dried leafy herb into the cone section and make 1:1 to 1:10 herbal liquid extracts.  The stand is a sturdy ply construction that has been sealed and the glass cone comes with a silicone bung with a tap.

$180 which includes postage to anywhere in Australia

Percolator Stainless Steel (stand not included).

We love our percolators and have been using them now for over 15 years to make most of our tinctures 1:2.  They are easy to use and cleaning is a breeze. There is no reason they should not last many lifetimes with proper usage.  100 % food grade Stainless steel percolator, 10cm x 60cm, and plunger (stand not included)

$425 which includes postage to anywhere in Australia

Cold Percolation using a Stainless Steel Percolator or glass cone

is a process that extracts the soluble constituents of a herb by the slow channel of solvent, mostly due to gravity, down through a column of coarsely powdered or fine herb, which has been packed in a particular way.

Percolation is advantageous because:

• You can prepare a tincture in less than 3 days depending on the herb.

• You can make up to 2L of Herbal Extract at one time, depending on the herb.

• Percolation can have higher concentrations such as 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 herbal extracts.

• Percolation collects more of the soluble constituents of the plant compared to traditional methods of maceration (some herbalists will argue this).

• Percolation of Herbal extracts can be advantageous to clinicians as making your own herbal extracts can save money but be time effective.

• Most dried herbs can be processed in this way with exception of herbs with high mucilage, resin and gum content.

• Some herbs need a low heat applied to them, during the percolation process, to get a full extraction of their medicinal constituents and this can be achieved easily with a brewer’s belt placed around the stainless steel percolator.

NOTE: Stand and attachments not included