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60-minute consultation

An initial consultation will take 1-hour roughly and you may require follow-up sessions.  If you would like to book a consultation, pay via our shop and then Sharn will contact you and make a time that is suitable for you. The consultation can be in person at Sharn’s clinic in Pt Noarlunga South, South Australia, or at “The Elliot Oak”, Pt Elliot, South Australia.  If you are unable to attend the in-person clinics then Sharn offers phone or skype consultations.

In your initial consultation, many aspects of your health are assessed by taking a detailed medical history. Your diet, lifestyle, and emotional health are also considered.

A treatment program is prescribed, you will receive this within 48hours of your consultation, which may include the prescription of various herbal tonics and teas, bath salts, pills or capsules, sprays, steams, infused and essential oils, poultices, balms and creams, and many other inventive uses of Mother Earth’s healing plants. Vitamin and mineral supplements and diet and lifestyle recommendations will also be included.

(All herbal medicines and supplements are not included in the price)


30-minute Follow-up consultation

Sharn will advise if you need a follow-up consultation.