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I’ve been on my Hay Fever tincture for 2 weeks, and I havent had to take any antihistamines. My sinus seems clearer and getting better every day. I had a bout of sinusitis just before I started the tincture and I feel it helped clear my sinus so much faster than normal, and I haven’t felt ‘stuffed and headachey’ for a while. I want to thank you so much. I’m loving this tincture and believe it has helped me so much. Thank you, Thank you.


I’m so grateful that I found your business! The Cat’s Claw tincture is really helping my neuropathy! It’s the only thing that has helped in 7 months! I’ve been experimenting with supplements/tonics/herbs and your Cats Claw tincture is prevailing. I’m so excited that it’s helping, and I’m so thankful


My skin is very sensitive and delicate. I have tried alot of products, big brands and more boutique ones, with no luck. Then I discovered Byron Botanicals. Magic! I have been using the Sausage Tree Lotion for several years now and have not had any more reactions. Very happy and grateful. And big bonus – the fabulous customer service. Highly recommend.


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How can it help you?
Here are five things it’s good for! 

1. Cleansing and soothing to help heal WOUNDS and ECZEMA.

2. Anti inflammatory action, supporting any INTERNAL or EXTERNAL inflammation. 

3. Soothes BURNS including sunburn. 


5. Helps to relieve DIGESTIVE issues such as reflux, IBD and ulcers. 

Calendula can be found in our Golden healing salve, Nourishing Yoni Balm, Pau d’Arco, Calendula & Golden seal cream and! Is available as a herbal tincture. 🌼

#calendula #goldenhealer #herbalmedicine
Herbs for our animal friends 🐴

A special order to treat a horse with metabolic disorder and laminitis (damage and inflammation in hoof). 

Plant medicine is for all of us, our pet friends included 🌿

#herbsforfamily #herbsforhealth
Herb notes 🌿…… 

A quick guide to help you choose the right herbs for your needs 🌿 

We are here to guide, empower, and educate so if you need any support choosing herbs or would like to chat about a herbal blend specific to your needs feel free to DM to connect with our clinical herbalist 🌿

#herbalmedicine #byronbotanicals #herbaltinctures
Sending off a fertility blend today 🌿

We can help you with blends for your particular needs, or if you know which herbs you would like in your blend we can work with you and put together your own custom blend. 🌿

It really is plants for the people, plant medicine is there for all of us, and we are here to guide you in your own herbal wellness journey.🌿 (and make herbal medicine safe and accessible to all)

#herbsforfertility #clinicalherbalist #herbalmedicine #herbalextracts #byronbotanicals #customherbals
🌿 Combat Colds & Flu with These Powerful Herbs that you can grow and harvest from your own garden. 

Relief from colds and flu with these amazing herbs. Here's how sage, thyme, nettle, rosemary, and garlic can keep you healthy:

Sage ~ Not just for cooking, sage is excellent for soothing sore throats and reducing inflammation. Brew sage tea or use it in a gargle to ease symptoms.

Thyme ~ Thyme’s potent antiviral and antibacterial properties make it perfect for relieving congestion and coughs. Add it to your meals or enjoy it as a tea.

Nettle ~ Packed with vitamins and minerals, nettle supports your immune system and helps clear nasal congestion. Sip on nettle tea for a health boost.

Rosemary ~ This aromatic herb is great for respiratory health. It helps alleviate congestion and has strong antioxidant properties. Incorporate rosemary into your dishes or brew a soothing tea.

Garlic ~ Known for its antimicrobial and antiviral effects, garlic can help prevent and shorten colds and flu. Add raw garlic to your meals for maximum benefits.

 Stay healthy and vibrant this winter! 🌿❄️

#winterwellness #herbsforcoldandflu #homeherbalism #herbsforwinter #homegardenherbs
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