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I’ve been on my Hay Fever tincture for 2 weeks, and I havent had to take any antihistamines. My sinus seems clearer and getting better every day. I had a bout of sinusitis just before I started the tincture and I feel it helped clear my sinus so much faster than normal, and I haven’t felt ‘stuffed and headachey’ for a while. I want to thank you so much. I’m loving this tincture and believe it has helped me so much. Thank you, Thank you.


I’m so grateful that I found your business! The Cat’s Claw tincture is really helping my neuropathy! It’s the only thing that has helped in 7 months! I’ve been experimenting with supplements/tonics/herbs and your Cats Claw tincture is prevailing. I’m so excited that it’s helping, and I’m so thankful


My skin is very sensitive and delicate. I have tried alot of products, big brands and more boutique ones, with no luck. Then I discovered Byron Botanicals. Magic! I have been using the Sausage Tree Lotion for several years now and have not had any more reactions. Very happy and grateful. And big bonus – the fabulous customer service. Highly recommend.


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The beginnings of our studio a year ago …  now our dispensary and clinic located on our farm on the Fluerieu Peninsula, SA🌿 … 

Byron Botanicals was established in Byron Bay by the previous owner, and Naturopath, Sharn Harper. She relocated the business to South Australia a few years ago to be closer to family. Since then I (Deb Samwell, Clincial Herbalist) have purchased the business from Sharn and built our dispensary and clinic on our property near Strathalbyn.

Together with my partner, who is a vegetable farmer (and our percolator manufacturer) and my sister in law Rochelle (Homeopath), we make all our own tinctures, balms and creams and pack all your orders. 

We are passionate about making herbal medicine accessible to everyone, and we are always an email or phone call away to help you on herbal health journey to wellness.  X 🌿

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For all the Medical Medium followers who choose not to use alcohol tinctures.. we now have Cats Claw glycetract in stock.

We also still have Cats Claw ethanol extract available. This is one of our popular herbal extracts, known for its anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing actions. 

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Golden Healing Salve 🌼 

Always a favourite salve to have on hand! Soothing and healing 🌿

One to keep in the medicine cabinet for any weepy, itchy, irritated skin issues. Speeds up skin healing and soothes irritation.
It’s been a busy couple of months in the dispensary 🌿 

Lots of making and creating, from oil infusions, new products, lots of creams and lotions and some artwork for the walls 🌿

#byronbotanicals #herbalmedicine #herbaldispensary #clinicalherbalist
Elder berry syrup 🌿 … preorders 

We’ve had so many enquires about Elderberry syrup the last couple of weeks, so we’ve decided to do a batch next Monday. If you would like a 200ml bottle $30, send a message and we can put one aside for you. 

Bottles can either be sent by express post ($12) or picked up from our studio at Sandergrove, South Australia. 

Lions Mane Triple Extract Tincture

Known for its brain boosting properties, Lions mane is a medicinal mushroom that may support cognitive function, memory and focus, and it’s packed with antioxidants for overall well being. A few drops in your morning cuppa is the best pick me up in the morning 🌿
I include it in my morning routine and love the buzz it gives me. 

Available as a triple extract tincture on our website 

#medicinalmushrooms #lionsmane #lionsmanetincture
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