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I’ve been on my Hay Fever tincture for 2 weeks, and I havent had to take any antihistamines. My sinus seems clearer and getting better every day. I had a bout of sinusitis just before I started the tincture and I feel it helped clear my sinus so much faster than normal, and I haven’t felt ‘stuffed and headachey’ for a while. I want to thank you so much. I’m loving this tincture and believe it has helped me so much. Thank you, Thank you.


I’m so grateful that I found your business! The Cat’s Claw tincture is really helping my neuropathy! It’s the only thing that has helped in 7 months! I’ve been experimenting with supplements/tonics/herbs and your Cats Claw tincture is prevailing. I’m so excited that it’s helping, and I’m so thankful


My skin is very sensitive and delicate. I have tried alot of products, big brands and more boutique ones, with no luck. Then I discovered Byron Botanicals. Magic! I have been using the Sausage Tree Lotion for several years now and have not had any more reactions. Very happy and grateful. And big bonus – the fabulous customer service. Highly recommend.


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I’ve spent the last week sailing in the Whitsundays .. we love being on the water and it was time to take a break in the sunshine …  it’s been a great break, but I am looking forward to being back in the studio 🌿 

As Henry Lamond said when he settled on South Molle Island …. ‘ I felt that I should like to roll and wallow in the ocean’. ..: we have rolled and sailed and swam with the turtles and watched the sun rising and setting over the islands and it’s been wonderful and refreshing. ⛵️
Why do we love fresh plant tinctures? 

~ higher potency, typically fresh plants contain higher levels of active compounds compared to dried herbs.

~ full spectrum of constituents. Fresh plant tinctures capture the full spectrum of a plants natural constituent’s, which creates a more balanced and effective remedy.

~ enhanced bioavailability. The natural water content of fresh plants can aid in the extraction process, making the active compounds more bioavailable. 

~ preserves volatile oils. Volatile oils can be easily lost during drying. Fresh plant tinctures help these oils to be retained. 

~ immediate processing. Fresh plant tinctures are prepared immediately after harvesting, preserving the vitality and energy of the plant. This helps to maintain the plants therapeutic properties at their peak. 

~ natural synergy, using fresh plants ensures that all natural compounds work together in synergy, just as nature intended. This leads to a more holistic therapeutic effect.

~ rich aroma and flavour. This golden rod tincture has the most amazing aroma and colour. Grown and harvested here on our farm at Sandergrove. All our fresh plant tinctures are grown , harvested and processed here on our farm. 

#freshplanttinctures #freshplanttincture #herbaldispensaryaustralia #herbalextract #herbalextracts🌱 #byronbotanicals
Why do we love herbal extracts? 

 ~ superior extraction. Ethanol is very effective at extracting compounds from herbs, including alkaloids, glycosides and volatile oils.

~ long shelf life. Ethanol is a natural preservative extending the shelf life of tinctures significantly.  Ethanol extracts can last for years without losing their potency.

~ rapid absorption. Ethanol tinctures ate quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing for faster therapeutic effects compared to other forms of herbal preparations. 

~ precise dosing. Tincture allow for easy and precise dosing. Dosing can be adjusted based on specific needs.

~ versatility and convenience. Ethanol tinctures are easily taken in water or juice and can be blended as a herbal mix to address various symptoms all in one small dose. 

Downsides?? Sometimes they just taste quite awful, and we just need to shot them down in a small amount of water and embrace making the faces 🥴 🌿

#herbalextracts #herbaldispensaryaustralia #herbalmedicine #herbalremedy
It’s been a busy few weeks in the studio .. making, creating, and packing orders … 🌿 

Sometimes packing the percolator with dried herb and 24 hours later turning on the percolator tap to wonderfully rich coloured extracts can feel like a little bit of magic 🌿

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Lots going on in the studio today, face serums being made, 4 percolators going, label making, packing orders, and making our own herbal blends. 

#herbalmedicine #byronbotanicals #herbalremedies #herbalextracts #herbaltinctures #clinicalherbalist
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